• Philips SPK8405 Gaming Mechanical RGB Keyboard

Philips SPK8405 Gaming Mechanical RGB Keyboard

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  • The name you know — for over 120 years, Philips has been a leading brand of electronics, trusted all over the world. That legacy of quality design and stunning functionality continues with this wired mechanical Keyboard streamlined for speed and precision.
  • Sleek & streamlined — This RGB Gaming Keyboard is crafted with a pro-grade aluminum alloy cover for a decidedly premium feel. Its ultra-slim flat design enhances any gamer's space while leaving more room for the other gaming peripherals you want.
  • Satisfyingly tactile — the custom philips-brown switches, equivalent to cherry MX Brown, fully register using minimal force (60G/58.8 CN) with quick 2mm actuation. The soft-click feedback is satisfying without being distracting.
  • Set the mood — Cycle through 8 Preset Chroma key maps that light up common keys for RTS/FPS games, League of Legend, call of Duty & more. Or make your own light map. Amp your mood With 12 preset light effects: ripple, wave, snake, collision and more.
  • Ready to play — convenient short-cut keys and macro programming. Keylock to disable the Windows key. Massive compatibility with Windows, Linux and Mac OS* and even works as a PS4 keyboard, Xbox keyboard or keyboard for other game consoles.