ONIKUMA G21+ CW902 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

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  • Ergonomic & Skin-friendly Design:The streamline design of height difference is adopted to fit the movement track of fingers tapping up and down. Click more light, feel more comfortable.
  • 26 Key without conflict: Release game skills as much as possible, skills can be defeated without interruption, Make your game experience more comfortable.
  • Waterproof Design: The keyboard adopts waterproof design, even if there is liquid splashing, it will not affect the normal use of G21, and there is no need to worry about the problem of liquid entering, causing damage.
  • High-end ABS keycap: Feel more delicate, wear-resistant for a long time, wear-resistant degree is much higher than other ABS Key cap used on the market, long-term use will not produce oily feel.
  • Multimedia operation: Independent 10-key multimedia quick operation, you can also use FN + F1 ~ F12 combination to quickly switch calculator, multimedia playback, volume adjustment and other functions, convenient and worry-free.