IPC9310S Plus 8MP AHD CVI TVI CVB IP Camera Test

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  • Landscape and portrait screens make the viewer bigger, clearer, and more intuitive.
  • Capacitive touch + button + virtual mouse, multiple optional operations.
  • Support 4K H265/H264/MPEG4/MPEG mainstream video live.
  • Speedy IP discovery, faster, more accurate,full-segment IP blind testing, smart recognition camera start is completed or not.
  • One-click video views the camera seconds and compatibly.
  • Speed ONVIF can modify camera IP image parameters, stream, and resolution.
  • The ONVIF server can be used as a network ONVIF camera, batch modify IP, and support modifying the channel name.
  • Portable operating IC manufacturers software.
  • Support camera proprietary protocol customization or tsp protocol.
  • Built-in wireless WIF| function, can test wireless network camera, network update software.
  • ALL videos can be photographed, recorded, and played back.
  • CVBS analog video image display, PT pan-tilt control, image zoom, camera, video, playback.
  • 12V 3A High Current DC Power Supply.
  • Supports standard Po power supply, conforms to IEEE802.3at(25.5W)standard
  • Support network line test, test network line break, and line sequence.
  • Support network cable DR breakpoint quality detection, can detect network cable attenuation, impedance, reflectivity, and delay offset.
  • Support coaxial HD AHD/TVI/VI, maximum support 8M, support coaxial camera control to call camera menu.
  • Support lens simulation function and Security tools.
  • Support focus detection, and image quality detection, for camera focus debugging.