• IP68 Waterproof 7.9mm Lens Endoscope Camera for iPhone (3.5M)

IP68 Waterproof 7.9mm Lens Endoscope Camera for iPhone (3.5M)

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  • This industrial borescope is specially designed for IOS users, compatible with all IOS devices, and is a high-definition industrial borescope with excellent cost performance.
  • This Apple industrial borescope is plug-and-play design, and because it is directly connected to the phone, its picture transmission is smoother than wifi borescopes and does not lag.
  • This Iphone industrial borescope uses an ultra-short lens and a 5-meter cable. Compared to most 4.7cm-long lenses on the market, it is only 3.3cm long, and the shorter lens allows it to turn more easily in the pipe and make a qualitative leap in the possibility of tight gaps.
  • The product adopts high-definition waterproof lens, IP68 waterproof standard, with 8 adjustable brightness LED light beads, can let you get a clear picture in any environment.
  • Since it is directly connected to your IOS device, the borescope does not require additional battery power. Compared with traditional wifi endoscopes with built-in lithium batteries and screen endoscopes , It gives you no power anxiety.