Haing HI-0990-UHP HI-0990-UHP . Unique and Attractive Design Headphones

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  • The dual headset with standard USB socket is comfortable enough to wear for long time voice calls, music, movies and games.
  • It uses a wide range speaker and microphone for high sound quality and clear sound.
  • With DSP (Digital Single Processing) technology on the USB chip, it greatly enhances the audio experience that makes communication and music entertainment a smarter and more comfortable user experience.
  • With contoured ear cushions (large and soft plush), they rest on your head without putting pressure on your ears
  • The experience of listening to nothing else, without anyone around you hearing what you're listening to. Instead of a sensitive headband, it is made of 100% original raw materials of plastic resin to ensure great durability of the plastic headphone parts.
  • Headphone cable with tensile fibers inside the wires to strengthen the direct pull resistance and to withstand 20,000 bending cycles