• HAING HI-0150-U3E USB 3.0 Extension Cable -15M

HAING HI-0150-U3E USB 3.0 Extension Cable -15M

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  • USB 3. 0 Active Extension/Repeater Cable and Usage
  • This cable lets you extend USB connections between your computer and USB devices thereby giving you the liberty to move away from your desktop while using your USB devices
  • You can connect USB devices such as printers, keyboards, storage devices, Display Link USB displays, mice and most popular USB devices remotely with this cable
  • The cable features a Type Male A connector on one end that plugs into your computer and a Type Female A connector on the other that connects to the USB cable you wanna extend
  • Premium Shielding & Built in Boost Chipset: The Cable features premium shielding and a built-in boost chipset that provides protection against interference from EMI/RFI signals thus enabling high performance.
  • DC-JACK for power hungry device.
  • Universal Compatibility
  • No drivers required on any OS, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Chrome OS.