Dual-way Counter MIC-9908 Interphone

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  • Dual mode of communication
  • Two-way audio record
  • Anti-interruption and noise
  • Slim fit design of loudspeaker
  • Streamline design: the main unit has an aluminum alloy shell, and the extension has a built-in speaker. This system has a simple connection and DIY operation.
  • HIGH QUALITY: This system has a high quality speaker and a high sensitivity microphone. Especially the metal tube microphone is a deal for the counter and the two-way communication between.
  • Good performance: The sound of this system is clear, and natural. There is only a key to control the volume.
  • Advanced Technology: For this system, we adopt the advanced microcomputer from USA
  • SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS: The indicator light shows the track's working status.
  • Simple Operation I: Easy for bi-directional communication without pressing a button.
  • Simple Operation II: This system has two knobs for adjusting the volume inward and outward. When the indicator light turns green, the intercom can start.
  • Simple Operation III: You can record audio through the record jack.
  • Best choice: It is suitable for bank, stock company, hospital, station where security glass is installed
  • Material: aluminum alloy plastic
  • Input voltage: 100-240V