AULA S2022 Wired USB Gaming Keyboard

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  • 104-key full-key no conflict design, quickly trigger continuous skills, refusal of key conflicts, and play games.
  • 20 cool lighting effects, 5 adjustable brightness, character lighting, custom backlight settings. The backlight function is turned off, and the mode before the shutdown is restored after the host is started.
  • Square key cap, the character shines, the light uniformity is high, the hand feels delicate, and the service life is long.
  • With intelligent sleep mode, the host enters sleep or standby state.
  • About 60 million key lifespan, small knocking sound, more paragraph sense, stable service life.
  • Metal panel, the fuselage structure is more stable and durable, high and low key layout, adapt to the human hand tapping the keyboard movement arc, feel comfortable.