• Amplifier BL-2200 200W+200W OHM

Amplifier BL-2200 200W+200W OHM

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  • Music input: five channels, manually select the rear panel A and B input, and the built-in player is divided into MP3, Bluetooth, FM radio input
  • Music adjustment: treble and bass, left and right balance, total volume
  • Microphone adjustment: dual reverberation circuit, strong microphone spatial sense, each microphone input has its own gain adjustment, the echo, delay, high and low bass, and reverb depth in the mixing effect are independently adjustable, and the microphone directly reaches the high, medium, and low frequencies. Adjustable.
  • Model with support of 5 microphones.
  • Rear panel connection: music A and B group input, recording output, mixing output, radio antenna interface, speaker AB group each left and right channel output.