AJAX MultiTransmitter- Black

JOD 129.00
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  • Number of alarm/tamper zones:18
  • Supported detector contact types: NO, NC (without R), EOL (NC with R), EOL (NO with R)
  • Resistance of the EOL resistor:1 kΩ to 7.5 kΩ
  • Alarm signals processing mode: Pulsed or bistable
  • Main power supply:110–255 V, 50/60 Hz
  • Backup power:12 V DC
  • Supported battery type: Battery with 4 or 7 A⋅h capacity (not included)
  • Detector power supply:12 V DC, up to 1 A for all detector power supply outputs
  • Protection against dismantling: Tamper
  • Radio signal frequency band:868.0–868.6 MHz or 868.7–869.2 MHz, depending on the sales region
  • Compatibility: Operates with all Ajax hubs, range extenders
  • Maximum radio signal power: Up to 7.29 mW (25 mW limit)
  • Radio signal range: Up to 2,000 m in the line of sight
  • Operating temperature range: From -10°С to +40°С
  • Operating humidity: Up to 75%
  • Dimensions:196 × 238 × 100 mmWeight:805 g